Instead of randomly choosing concrete floor coatings, Los Angeles residents may turn to our company. Concrete floors are seamless and strong. No wonder they are used widely in high-traffic areas. Of course, the way they are applied and the coatings used over them to protect and decorate also define their longevity and resistance.

The advantage of turning to Epoxy & Concrete Flooring Los Angeles is that you don’t have to bother with all that. Why should you when concrete flooring experts stand by and are ready to offer solutions and complete the job to perfection?

In Los Angeles, concrete floor coatings experts

Let our team know if you are trying to select concrete floor coatings in Los Angeles, California. Since people’s expectations vary and the floor requirements vary too, we send a contractor over to your place to check everything out, talk with you, provide choices and solutions, and give you an estimate.

There are several things that influence one’s decisions on concrete floor coatings. For example. Is this an old concrete floor? Or do you want a new concrete floor applied now and like to discover the coating options? Is this a heavy-traffic area? What is the likelihood of impact and chemical stains?

The main purpose of concrete floor coatings is to increase durability. This is vital for high-traffic areas and garages. Coatings also play a decorative role since they are used to create traffic aisles and mark certain areas with distinctive colors.

When we talk with you, we explore your needs in regard to aesthetics, function, durability, resistance, decoration, and more in order to offer solutions among coatings. That’s because not all coatings are the same but all are suitable for concrete floors.

Main types of concrete floor coatings

There are four main types of concrete floor coatings. While they are all great and, naturally, exceptional solutions for concrete floors, they are not all ideal for all concrete floors. As we said, it always depends on the floor’s requirements.

  • Epoxy coatings are particularly popular due to their hardness. Such coatings consist of polyamine hardeners and epoxy resins whose blend makes a very strong mix. Epoxy coatings are often applied on concrete floors in warehouses, garages, reception halls, and any place where impact resistance and great performance are necessary.
  • Acrylic coatings are best for low-traffic areas since they are not as durable as epoxy and thus, not as protective. Acrylic floor coatings are water-based and don’t cost much and although they may be non-slippery and may hold well under water, they are not ideal for areas where durability is a must.
  • Polyurethane coatings come closer to epoxy, in regard to durability, but they are still softer. Due to the coating’s flexibility, it is preferred for pedestrian areas. Human bodies do not get tired when walking or standing on polyurethane coatings. And so, such coatings are excellent for hospitals, malls, airports, and other foot traffic areas but not for areas where there’s moisture. Water and moisture may make the coating bubble up.
  • Polyaspartic coatings are great for pedestrian areas, just like polyurethane coatings. The difference is that polyaspartic coatings only need one application because they act as the sub- and top-coating whereas polyurethane and epoxy coatings need two applications.

Since not all concrete floor coatings are ideal for all cases, don’t take chances. Contact us. After all, the proper selection and application of such coatings also define the floor’s performance. If it’s time to find concrete floor coatings for Los Angeles properties, turn to us.